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Select PCB has developed a supply chain management process which centers on Lean manufacturing Philosophy using quality vs. cost strategies that can adapt to customer needs. While our manufacturing facilities are located within North America, we recognize the value of global sourcing. For that reason, we established the following;

Downstream Dependence 

We are prepared. Analyzing and being perceptive of future trends in the supply chain helps us stay on the forefront of measuring risks and

maintaining optimization. Our understanding of these variables ensures our offerings are aligned with your goals and your components are

sourced through the most efficient process. Accurate forecasting leads to better planning and execution.

Acquisition, Procurement, Fulfillment 

Having multiple parties involved in your production process calls for strict over watch of many supply-chain functions. Our internal team is

focused on many factors including logistics, warehousing, readiness, sustainability and security. These functional areas are key to your

Success and our internal risk mitigation.





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