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Conformal Coating

Conformal coating provides your printed circuit board assemblies with harsh environment protection including fortification against dust, moisture, chemicals and extreme temperatures. Depending on the type of material, thickness and coverage required, conformal coating at Select PCB will be applied either by machine or hand. We offer the following conformal coating materials, and can accommodate most customer coating requests:

  • HumiSeal UV40

  • HumiSeal 1B73 

  • HumiSeal 1A33

  • HumiSeal  1B31


Utilizing an encapsulated electronics-grade potting material for a PCB assembly will provide more robust protection than conformal coating – giving your electronics assembly extreme protection against the harshest of environments. Our potting ensures a high level of protection against tampering and reverse-engineering. Since potted assemblies cannot be serviced or repaired, we always recommend that your potted PCB assembly includes testing both pre- and post-potting.

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